Bella Burro
~The 3 Legged Donkey~

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"True Strength is Measured by the Depth of Your Soul,
Your Beauty by the Size of Your Heart,
And Your Character by Your Kindness"​​​
~Author Bella Burro
Baby Bella's Journey of Survival
Baby Bella came to us in need of some TLC from a irresponsible breeder. She was very under weight and was anemic from lice. She was taken away from her mother at only 2 months old.
​Because she came into the harsh MN winter so sickly, it only took the 1st snowfall and -15 degree night, to have her suffer from severe frostbite and hypothermia.
She spent the next several days at the University of Minnesota Equine Hospital getting her stabilized. ​
She fought hard to regain her strength, but sadly her rear leg suffered severe frost bite damage and needed to be amputated to save her life.
They have never done this surgery on a donkey at the U of MN.... matter fact, not too many Vets have due to the fact that donkeys are valued much less then that of a horse. The Surgeon referred us to Dr Vlahos at The Rocky Mountain Equine Center in Sheridan WY, USA for this rare surgery. He is well known in the industry for equine amputations with a high success rate.
Because we love Bella, and she has been a true fighter with a HUGE will to survive, we brought her all the way to Wyoming, 1000 miles away, stopping only for fuel and to administer her IV meds. The expenses are extremely high, and continue to rise as she recovers from this very rare surgery, along with a long road to recovery of future medical expenses and prosthetic fittings as she grows..​

*Bella is rare indeed, she is only the 2nd miniature donkey that we know of in the world, to ever receive a prosthetic leg.
She will continue her journey ​​helping others in need with disabilities by visiting Children's Hospitals, Nursing Homes & other functions.
We understand that Bella is not a $100,000 race horse, nor a fancy show horse....she isn't even a pampered lap dog. She is merely a humble, kind natured, little 80 lb Miniature Donkey that has proven to us all that she WANTS to be here.
Therefor, your help is needed to continue her care. She will require many veterinarian visits and prosthetic visits and adjustments as she grows.​
Bella stayed at the Wyoming hospital for 3.5 months and is now home in Minnesota with her family.
Although, she is doing good, she has been under close care of her Vet in MN ​for minor issues resulting in her adjusting to the new artificial limb.
Please help by submitting your kind donation to the PayPal icon. This will go directly to her Veterinarian expenses.​

Thank you so very much!!

On a side note.....
​Bella has played a huge part in the data & research for other Donkeys in medical need, along with equine amputation's.
​ There is VERY little knowledge in the medical field in regards to Donkeys, which is sad because they have been domesticated for over 6,000 years! They are almost always put to sleep.
Go Bella!!​
PLEASE HELP BELLA with her ongoing medical expenses by clicking on the PayPal link.

Your kind donation will go towards her very high medical costs that have been spent to save her, along with her future ongoing high medical costs.
She will also require additional prosthetic adjustments and larger molds as she grows up.​

Thank you!

The Christian story of the Donkey's Cross on their backs...
Many people do not realize, this humble creature has been touched by the hand of God.
Donkey's have been mentioned throughout the Bible and was chosen on several occasions to accompany Jesus in his journey's. The Donkey is a humble, kind natured creature that in today's world, get's very little attention.
They do not have the beauty of a horse with flowing manes and tails. You cannot race them on a track, nor bring them to the war front.
However, they were chosen by God over all the other animals to accompany him. ​​
​Being a long time equine owner, I never knew how special Donkey's were, until I owned one myself. I can now see how very kind they are when treated with respect. They are very intelligent, and form strong bonds.
A Biblical quote, along with their legend.
"Bring me the colt of a Donkey ", was the Master's request. A young Donkey was brought to Jesus to carry him through Jerusalem
A week later Jesus was ordered to be crucified.
The little Donkey so loved the Lord that he wanted to help him carry the cross
But alas, he was pushed away. The sad little Donkey waited to say goodbye until nearly all had left. As he turned to leave, the shadow of the cross fell across his back and shoulders, and there it had remained. A tribute to the loyalty and love of one of the humblest of all Gods creatures.​​​​​
Day 3
Day 1 Fighting for life
Day 1
Day 4
February video of Bella on her temporary leg doing excellent!
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Bella made primetime News in WY, an ABC affiliate.
​Bella was also featured on FOX News Nationwide from... to! All over the Nation... TX to CA to NY. This little Donk gets around!​​
Search "Wyoming Donkey", for the news Fox segment.​
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